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JDanielle's bikinis in Jamaica for #Summer2021

It's lit! That is the first thing I said to myself after getting my COVID vaccine because I was planning my summer vacation. Let me tell you all; this vacation was much needed after a year of not leaving the country. Yes, I know some people traveled in 2020, even in the midst of a global pandemic, but I was not comfortable doing so. Thankfully this year, the vaccine is being distributed, and COVID is not as bad as before (actually, it is still bad, but I have faith in the vaccine).

As I struggled to decide where to travel and where to go when in doubt, I always choose Jamaica. This place just so happens to be my favorite country. About 6 years ago, I studied abroad at the University of West Indies in Mona and fell in love with the people and the culture. Ever since, every chance I get, I want to travel to the lovely island in the Caribbean known for its jerk chicken, curry, soulful reggae music, and breathtaking beaches.

Now on to some fashion. When I booked this trip, the first thing that came to mind was bathing suits and bikinis with the least material. Haha! For me, bikinis represent liberation while embracing and loving your body. As you continue to read, you'll learn more about the outfits I wish I could wear every day.

  • Matte Collection-For this trip, I knew I wanted to support black-owned businesses. Suppose you're wondering why, well, what's understood does not have to be explained. One BOB that caught my eye was Matte Collection. I purchased the Niccolo 3 Piece Pants Set - Multi Ice from the Matte X Saweetie Collection and the Julius 3 Piece Set - Snake. One of my favorite things about this brand is what you get for the price. The website consists of three-piece sets for $30 or less, and the quality is great too! Both of these sets made me feel like I was fulfilling the hot girl summer that I missed out on last year. I am wearing a size small in both sets. I want to share that the customer service was great with fast shipping.

  • Oh Polly Swim- Now this daydreaming set in neutral print with a triangle top and a thong bottom was very sexy! Oh Polly has a huge social media presence, so I am sure you've heard of them. I bought a dress from the company about two years ago which fit great with good quality, so I am not surprised that I loved the bathing suit. The neutral print pairs well with any makeup look too. In one picture, I am wearing Fenty's Saw-C orange lipstick.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more blog posts. XOXO JDanielle.

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