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Edge Naturale on relaxed hair, first impression and review

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I'll admit, I have a few challenges when it comes to my hair and shy away from trying new products that just arrived on the market. I prefer to read genuine reviews, with before and after pictures, before adding a new product to my hair cabinet. However, I was contacted by Edge Naturale to try their follicle enhancer. After seeing promotions about their launch for months, I decided to give a go.

For a while, I used another product specializing in edge growth, but when they changed the formula and ingredients, it no longer worked. I will not disclose the name; however, I was disenchanted because the product kept my edges extremely healthy. Unfortunately, my temples are prone to breakage, and once I find a product that works, I plan to use it for a long time.

When Edge Naturale reached out to me, I was not experiencing any hair issues at the time. But even when I am not dealing with breakage, I still use hair growth products.

I received their two-ounce container, and inside, there is a creamy white moisturizer. I would describe the consistency to be medium to thick. It has the smell of peppermint and natural oils, and my favorite ingredient in the cream is Jojoba Oil.

So far, it has been a month, and I love the results. My edges are thicker than before, and the follicle enhancer keeps them moisturized. As I mentioned, I received the two-ounce bottle, so I wondered how long the product would last. Thankfully, a little goes a long way, and I still have plenty left.

Before I wrap my scarf around my head, I apply it to my edges, followed by brushing them. Brushing a growth product through your hair gets that blood circulating, promoting growth. Because of the peppermint oil, there is a pleasant cooling tingling sensation. For me, this makes the product an absolute favorite. The cooling tingling sensation makes me feel as though the product is working. Doing the job. Making my hair grow.

After the product runs out, I plan to purchase more, and I recommend buying this if you are experiencing hair breakage, especially around the Edges.

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