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A little yellow dress

Pink is my favorite color to wear, but I like to wear yellow now and then. To me, yellow symbolizes brightness, turning lemons into lemonade, and positive energy. In my new job as a news reporter, I need all of those things right now, especially in the middle of a health pandemic.

When I was scrolling through Instagram, I noticed Choosy was having a sale and a good sale at that. Everything was up to sixty percent off. Being that I shopped with them before and was pleased with the quality, I decided to check them out.

Choosy is an online clothing store using algorithm technology and social influence to meet women's fashion needs. Take a look at their Instagram account, and you will see the act of inclusivity showcasing pieces for a variety of ladies. Choosy sells timeless clothing at an affordable price.

As I mentioned before, I am a news reporter. I am also balling on a budget while trying to be as fashionable as possible. So, when I saw choosy was having a sale, I immediately thanked the higher power and the universe.

I came across the Olivia dress, a faux wrapped masterpiece with short puffed sleeves. With a notch collar, this dress exudes classiness. Wearing it to work made me feel like one of the most stylish journalists on the planet, LOL.

As it was a little full in the waist, I paired it with a black and gold belt from BCBG.

The Olivia dress is still on sale, so snag you one before it sells out! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more post.

-J Danielle

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