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Jdanielle's New Favorite Lip Product

Loreal Cosmetics recently launched a new matte lip color line that has an ultra-lightweight feel for a bare-lip sensation. I received three colors compliments of Influenster from the Rouge Signature collection and they are my main go-to right now.

First and foremost, this is a great product with a matte finish without drying out the lips . When picking out lip products, I have to buy something that is long-lasting and highly pigmented. The Rouge Signature matte lipgloss has everything that I look for and more.

Here are the colors I received.

I am worth it

I do not wear red lipstick but since I got my hands on this baby, red has become my new favorite lip color and I love the name of it. "I am worth it" is a must have for red lip wearers.


This nude lip color is very pretty and can be worn with any makeup look. I like wearing this because it gives me the opportunity to be creative with the rest of my fashion ensemble that I choose for the day.


A mixture between pink and nude, this is a very classy color that can be worn everyday. It is perfect for the office and for a night out.

Lip-swatch video.

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