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White Tennis Shoes are a must have for Prissy Girls

An ultimate girly girl is what I am. I love to collect dresses, heels, lipsticks, and purses but I do not collect sneakers. The only reason there are a pair of tennis shoes in my closet is because I workout and you'd never catch me line waiting for a pair of Jordans to drop. However, I just got a pair of white FILAS and I absolutely love them. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is what I do on my spare time and the white tennis shoes definitely grew on me.

Street style meets chic with the "white sneakers" look. Just about every girl can rock a nice pair of these crisp white beauties whether they are paired with a dress or a favorite pair of denim jeans.

Ways to Wear

I bought this yellow dress printed with butterflies from Belk a few years back and I was going to wear it with a pair of heels but the FILAS toned the look down. I actually prefer the sneakers over the heels.

Now here is a more casual outfit with a pair of black distressed jeans from Madewell, a halter top from Urban Outfitters and an African head wrap from CeeCee's Closet.

Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for more!

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