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My Foundation Collection

Before I started doing YouTube tutorials, I would only use one foundation at a time and purchase another when needed. Now I have six foundations in my collection and they each serve their own purpose regarding my look for the day.

These are not ranked in any particular order.

1. MaryKay TimeWise Matte Foundation

I get the most compliments on my makeup when I wear this foundation. Before I became a MaryKay consultant I tried this product and wore it everyday for two weeks. It ended up working very well with my skin and I must say the formula has gotten better in the past two years. This foundation was actually used in my first couple of YouTube videos. This is highly recommended because it is easy to blend, is great for sensitive skin, inexpensive and is great for any occasion. Whether at work or going out this medium to full coverage foundation will provide a natural flawless finish.

2. Lancome 24hour

Lancome is just a great brand and I applaud them for coming out with more shades for deeper skin tones. I used to work at a their makeup counter in Macy's and I wore this foundation consistently for a good year. I personally like this as a summer foundation because of the SPF it contains and it is long lasting with matte finish. Last summer I decided to add it back to the rotation as a good everyday product for Georgia's hot weather.

3. Makeup Forever HD

Every makeup lover and guru has tried this at least once because this is a great full coverage product for IG selfies and photography. I received a gift card to Sephora about a year ago and I decided to put it towards this foundation. As this gives off a very made-up look, choose not to use this everyday but this will always remain in my collection.

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

I randomly decided to try this out of curiousity after reading such great reviews about it. This is a matte, waterproof foundation and a little goes a long way. I wore this to the salon one day and after a steam treatment, my makeup was still in place.

5. Black Opal Stick Foundation

The first and only drugstore foundation in my stash and for about eleven dollars from CVS it is pretty good. This blends out very easily and comes off easily.

6. Black Up Matte Foundation

This is another product that gives off a very made-up look but it is a great matte formula for my oily skin. It is not light weight so I wear it during the cooler months. This looks great in pictures also.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful towards choosing your next foundation.

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