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A romper and a faux suede jacket, the perfect fall combination

I am a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and being a graduate of a HBCU, homecoming is a big deal. Not only is attending homecoming a big deal, what you wear is very important. I love putting together my homecoming outfit as it gives me great joy inside LOL.

This year I decided to try something different. I usually wear black or red but instead I wore a cream colored romper by Free People from Macys paired with an American Rag forest green jacket.

Yes, I wore a romper in mid October. In Georgia during the fall season, the temperature tends to stay pretty high. On the day of homecoming, it reached a high of seventy-seven degrees fahrenheit which was perfect for a romper.

Here is a little background information about this romper...

Over the summer I purchased this romper from Macy's in hopes of doing a blog post about rompers. On the day of my photo shoot the zipper broke. I was very disenchanted about the entire situation. I immediately took the romper to the cleaners to get it fixed. As I was heading to DC that same week, I was unable to schedule another photo session to complete the blog post. Little did I know that this would make the perfect homecoming outfit giving off goddess vibes.

I also bought the jacket from Macys not too long ago. It compliments the romper very well.

Click on the pictures to shop! The link that is attached to the romper is to Free People's website because they have more sizes available, however Macy's still has it on sale. Free People will price match(thank me later).

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