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My Spontaneously Fun DC Weekend

Happy Monday! In a previous blog post a mentioned how I love Mondays because it is a fresh start to a new week. However today I had to purchase a new MacBook charger and I am nor particularly happy about it. Just last night my charger stopped working. Even though I had to replace my charger(mac's chargers are expensive) I am still thankful for today.

So I want to share the amazing weekend I had. I got a chance to experience H Street on Friday and then on Saturday and Sunday I made my way over to Shaw, DC.

On H Street I got the chance to eat some good Ethiopian food. It was honestly one of the best experiences I ever had. For me anytime that I am eating is a good experience but this was epic! DC is full of Ethiopian restaurants but I went to Ethiopic. It was highly recommended. My friend and I ordered the veggie platter with a side of Chicken and Lamb. It was sooo delicious! I will definitely be going back. Ethiopians use their hands while eating and at the restaurants, the guest do the same thing.

The food is served with Injera, a flat bread made of Teff flour with a uniquely sponge like texture. You take pieces of the injera with your hands and pick up the food and eat it.

I highly recommend this place for date night, a night out with the girls and it is a perfect family restaurant.

(Trust me This taste way better than it looks.)

On Saturday I made my way over to Shaw. This is a hip, edgy historically black neighborhood in DC. I am studying journalism at Georgetown and I have to report on this neighborhood.

Since I have been in DC I have met some wonderful people who love telling the newbies about the city. Calabash Tea House(Jamaican owned) was recommended as a good place to relax and unwind so I decided to check it out.

Calabash is known for their authentic herbal teas and good vegan/vegetarian dishes.

I sipped on a tea called "My Last Good Nerve". The waiter said that would relieve my headache. I also ordered the roasted red pepper soup. It was delicious but because I am nowhere near being a vegetarian, my diet is not accustomed to just straight veggies. Next time I will order a Jamaican patty to go with it.

My classmate ended up meeting me in Shaw and we just walking around exploring. We came across some bomb graffiti in the allies and enjoyed five dollar glasses of wine during happy hour at Shaw's Tavern.

On Sunday, I made my way back over to Shaw and went to Church at New Bethel Baptist Church. I chose a good Sunday to attend because it was their 115th church anniversary. I really enjoyed the service and after visiting three churches, I have found the right house of worship for me.

Originally I did not plan to have this good of a weekend but since I did, it was only right that I shared it with you all.

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