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Lace-Trimmed Blouses and Distressed Jeans

While running errands earlier this week I decided to go in Ross to see what I could frugally find(shopping in ross on a budget is extremely easy). During my search I came across a really cute black lace trimmed blouse(13.99) and a pair of distressed cropped jeans(13.99).

I was just about to head to the register but I made my way over to the shoes. I love shoes and being able to find my favorite brands for under fifty dollars means the world to me(LOL). Like Seriously. I was able to find a pair of Marc Fisher heels for 24.99 and they are super comfortable.

These earrings are from Charlotte Russe.

I decided to carry my Kate Spade bag. I love Kate Spade bags. The purses are great quality and you can always find a cute one without breaking the bank.

This whole ensemble is very inexpensive. Designer brands are amazing but you do not have to wear named brands to look amazing. As long as you have style and creativity, you can always slay.

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