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Four Inexpensive Highlighters to Try

I have four amazing highlighters by Milani and they are absolutely gorgeous. Not only do they give off a nice finish they are affordable.

After Glow

I recommend this shade for the lighter skin tones because it has a light pink undertone to it. I tried this on my skin and did not like the finish. However I used this one while doing makeup for fare skinned client it looked really good on her.

Day Glow

This can be used on light to medium skin tones. It had a very golden/peachy undertone. Day Glow looks really well over a peachy colored blush also.

Sun Glow

The Sun Glow looks amazing when the sun hits it. That is why it is called Sun Glow. This shade looks good on all skin tones. I recommend trying this over a matte bronzer for that sexy summer glow.


This is the highlighter that I find myself using just about everyday. It has that a very golden/bronze finish and I will say, out of all four of the previous listed, this is my favorite. It is for medium to dark skin tones because of the deep golden undertone.

All of the highlighters retail for $10 each and can be found in either target, cvs, or Walmart.

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