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Lipstick update : Summer Edition

My last blog post was about lipsticks that are great for spring. Since it is officially summer, I have some great shades in my collection that I wanted to share.

1. MaryKay Bashful You matte lipstick($18). This is a very pretty blush color that is in the nude family. In the picture below I am wearing it alone, but when it looks good with a soft brown lipliner.

MAC's So Chaud.($15) This bright orange lip color is fire! LOL I love it but I only wear it with certain outfits and on rare occasions. If you are into brights and reds then this lipstick is for you.

3. MaryKay's Apricot Glaze ($15) is a cute, neutral that goes well with any outfit and it is moisturizing. It also looks good with any skin tone.

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