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Six concealers to use to achieve a flawless face

Concealer is one of the best make up inventions ever especially for under-eye darkness and circles. I have 6 concealers that I use on a consistent bases to achieve my flawless makeup looks.

1. The L.A. Girl orange correcting concealer is amazing. I use this underneath my eyes and to correct any discolorations. After I wash, prep and prime my face I start off my make up with this product.

2. The L.A Girl Concealer in Toffee. This concealer is very close to my skin tone and I use this right after blending in my corrector. I mainly use this underneath my eyes.

3. The L.A. Girl Concealer in Warm Honey. I use this concealer as a backup to highlight once my foundation is blended. It works very well but with L.A concealers it is very important to use a setting powder so that it does not crease.

4. The L.A Girl Concealer in Chestnut. I use this to contour.

5. The MaryKay concealer in light bronze is my absolute favorite for highlighting. The finish is just absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.

6. The Maybelline Master Conceal is a great drug store concealer however I do not use it to conceal. I actually use this as eyeshadow primer. It creates a great canvas for my eyeshadow and my eyeshadow lasts all day.

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