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Multimasking with COSMEDIX

Did you know that you can use 2 face mask on your face at one time? Well I did not know that until COSMEDIX Skin care introduced me to "multimasking".

Everyone's skin is different and your face can have two different skin types. For example, I am oily in my t-zone and the rest of my face is normal to dry. So basically, you can use one mask for one problem and another mask for the other.

To treat my t-zone and to take care of the oil build up, I used the COSMEDIX Detox Mask. This is a charcoal mask that draws out impurities and excess oils. It is blue and when using it, I feel a slight tingling sensation.

On the rest of my face, I used the Glow Mask. This removes dead skin cells for brighter, clearer, and luminous skin. This mask is white and had exfoliants in it.

I do like these masks and I find "multimasking" to be beneficial.

Skin care is very important. Make sure to use a regimen that works for you and drink lots of water. Just washing your face with soap is not as good as using an actual face wash.

Next I plan to share my hygiene routine.

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