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Hair Products Needed To Keep Your Pixie Cut "Laid"

A couple of weeks a ago I blogged about how I maintain healthy relaxed hair. In that post I mentioned a few products that I use everyday for growth, but today I am going to share everyday products that will keep a pixie "laid".

1. A moisturizer/oil. My favorite moisturizer is coconut oil but everyday it is important to run some type of oil through your hair for styling purposes and it gives the hair a nice shine.

2. Styling Cream or Edge Control. To control my edges I do not use edge control, instead I use the Phyto Specific Moisturizing Style Cream. I love the formula and it is easy to use. If I decide to use edge control, I use the Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control.

3. A bristle brush. This is is needed to brush those edges down and the back of your hair.

4. A mesh wrap or satin scarf to use for wrapping your hair for bed. Either of these items can be found as your local beauty supply store.

5. A satin pillowcase. Getting a satin pillowcase was on of the best decisions I ever made for my hair. It helps to maintain your hair style until washday and helps to retain moisture.

6. Wrapping Mousse or Foam. The foam is mainly used on wash day to mold before styling however, it can be used during the week on dry hair for the back and sides. My favorite wrap foam is the Nairobi. It is used in most salons and can be found in beauty supply stores.

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