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Forgot To Order Your Contact Lenses? Just Rock The Frames

I ran out of contacts this week and I am waiting on my order to come in the mail. I used to stay on top of my contact quantity and I would never run out. I do not know what happened this time. Usually I would be a little annoyed by this but since I have a nice pair of Chanel frames, I have decided to rock them as a fashionable accessory. I pretty much wear my glasses everyday unless I am going somewhere and I want to glamorize a little bit, but if you put on your makeup like you would without your glasses, you look just as hot! So I decided to wear my glasses with some clothes that I pulled out of my closet to show my readers that it is possible to look good while wearing glasses. A pair of Chanels are not needed to pull this off, just a nice pair of frames that complement your skin tone and that look good on YOU.

I felt that the glasses really looked good with this semi casual black and white striped dress. If you're on your way to a lounge or a dinner, this look would definitely work. Because the dress is short it gives a little more sex appeal. If the dress were knee length, I would look like I was going to work and an office look is not cute for a night out with friends.

This is more of a bbq or festival outfit. I love these BCBGeneration tribal shorts that I purchased last year from Macy's! This look can also work for a night out with a pair of heels.

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