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My Current Hairstyle

As you noticed I titled this post "My Current Hairstyle" because I change my hair pretty often. I am currently wearing a full weave sew in with a lace closure. I have found that lace closures are the best thing ever invented for protective styling. Now I just want to give all of the ladies a little advice about wearing a lace closure. If you are thinking about getting this service done, please do your research on the stylist you choose. A bad weave is not attractive nor lady like. Also, there are millions of hair companies that claim to sell high quality bundles and closures, do your research carefully because the quality of extensions play a huge part in your final results.

Okay, back to my hairstyle. I got my hair done by my weave stylist Amanda. She is located in Lawrenceville,Georgia and has been doing my installs for the past year. This style has been very easy for me lately because I do not have to worry about blending my natural hair with the extensions. I have worn my hair like this for the past 8 weeks and it is holding up very well.

Lately I have been wearing my hair in a sleek, bone straight style and it is so cute! I cannot straighten the hair myself because of the natural tight curl pattern.Once I shampoo it and let it dry, I go to a stylist I met near me press it out for me. To maintain it, I wrap my hair around my head every night. If i need to go over a few areas with my straightener, then I will do so.

My stylist's IG is @beautifuldistractionatl. My hair bundles are The closure was purchased from Amanda.

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