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My Skincare Regimen(how to look good without makeup)


I have been using the same skincare regimen for my face for the past year and I love it! I will probably stick with this system because it is an age fighting system and since I have been using it I am always told that I look younger.

Now I absolutely love makeup. Ever since I learned how to beat my face almost as good as a professional, I feel like I cannot live without makeup, however I realized that makeup looks best on great skin. All throughout high school I would play around with makeup and explore different face washes by brands such as Neutrogena, Biore, Dove, and Clean and Clear but those just never worked for me. So I moved on to department store products and I used the Clinique system for a while. It was good but the toner was a little too harsh for my face. Last year I was introduced to the Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set and I decided to give it a try. The Miracle Set includes the 3in1 cleanser that gently cleanses, tones, and exfoliates, the day solution SPF35 moisturizer, the night solution serum, and the age fighting moisturizer.

*To get the perfect results of ageless flawless skin, this system should be used twice a day and the steps are very simple.

Morning Routine

1. Wash your face with the 3in1 cleanser

2. Moisturize with the SPF 35

Nightly Routine

1. Wash your face with the 3in1 cleanser

2. Apply the night solution

3. Moisturize with age fighting moisturizer

There are two different formulas that the Miracle Set comes in to suite each customer. There is the normal to dry formula then there is the combination to oily formula. I use the combination to oily formula because my skin in very oily in my T-zone. If you have dry skin that needs moisture, then you should get the normal to dry formula.

To purchase the Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set just message me on my contact page. Yes, I am a Mary Kay Consultant.

Every women should feel good about herself without makeup on and to achieve that, a good skincare regimen is a must. It also very important to drink water on a regular basis.

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